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Travelling South America

'Hoy comienza la mejor parte de nuestra historia.'

Discovered at El Aquelarre restaurant, Bogotá


Who we are

We are Anna-Maria and Patrick, a surgical nurse and a wannabe engineer from Tyrol, Austria and Rhineland, Germany. We spent a lot of time in South America during the past 13 years. Having family in Chile for a long time, travelling, doing internships during our studies and later on working here, we fell in love with this beautiful continent. In 2018 we made our first trip with a camper van through Patagonia, where the idea was born to do South America the same way one day.

After the first month of our trip, Mozart, a 1993 Toyota Hilux has joined us and is from now on our third companion, providing mobility and shelter. We were already looking for something similar back in 2018 without any luck. This time, we most likely have the best possible vehicle for this adventure. Mozart got his name generations of owners ago, so we see no need to change that. 

The Journey

Our initial plan was to cross South America from North to South, beginning in Colombia and going all the way down to Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. From the beginning our travelling ethos was "In case we make it, great. In case not, still great."

Because top priority is having a good time. And to be honest, we are quite slow travellers. Too much to see, explore, eat, try, ... and all the time amazing folks holding us back from just going on. And we like that. 

After a first inspection of our vehicle, it turned out that Mozart was in a very bad condition. Not only mechanical issues, but also casitas (the camper cabin on Mozart's back) hat to be renovated completely. The entire works took us a long time, but that was apparently part of our adventure. Anyway, we had a great time despite all difficulties and set-backs. To read more about how our journey is going, check-out our travel blog via the menu. 

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