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Isla de Providencia

There can't be any better diving school in the world than Anda Di Wata. Halbert and Sandra have a patience, knowledge and ease you won't find anywhere else. And the know the diving spots round Providencia like the back of their hands. Thanks guys for all!

Big Mama

Wanna feel like home? Sit down on Big Mama's porch in Santa Catalina Island and eat some amazing seafood. Maybe you'll also get a piece of her delicious banana cake. 

Hike to the Peak

Only allowed with a guide, and that's good. Find Bernardo aka 'Big Boy' and let him teach you all about Providencia's nature a single person can know. Approximately 400 m ascending, hot and steamy, but definitely worth it. Panorama view will compensate the sweat. 

Archi's Pizzeria

We love seafood, but within two weeks we urgently needed something else. Archi's Pizza was not really Italian style, but very good. Five different sizes available!

El Divino Niño

Nice restaurant right at the beach in South West Bay with great seafood and gigantic dishes! Perfect location for sunset. 

Roland's Bar

Roli is a crazy guy! There's no way to explain this person, but his bar-restaurant is located on the nicest spot of Manzanillo Beach. Lie down in hammocks, enjoy a Adina Light and treat yourself with amazing Pasta de Camaron. 


From our point of view the beaches of Manzanillo and South West Bay are the nicest and where we spent most of the time. 

On the north of South West Bay's beach, relaxing atmosphere and very nice (again) seafood. 

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