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What this is and what it is not.

What is this blog? And why in English?

The initial idea was to give our friends and families the possibility to follow us and see what those lazy guys are up to. Since we in fact are lazy, it took us the first 5 weeks of our trip to prepare this blog. During that time we met many amazing people from all over the world, accidentally discussed this plan under the influence of maybe one small beer, and finally got demands doing this blog in English instead of German. 

Besides friends and family at home and people we meet along the route, we are happy in case this blog helps somebody who's maybe planning his own trip through South America. 

This is no commercial blog or anything we want to convince someone of. If there's a place recommended, we liked it. That's it and we're not getting a penny for anything we're publishing here. We only show our opinion and take no liability for nothing. 

How often we post

Guys, please be aware that there's no certain interval for posting new content. How often we upload text or pictures and how detailed we do that depends mainly on our own motivation. We are not travelling to create this blog, we are creating this blog while travelling, and priority is on enjoying our journey. So we might be too busy, lazy or digesting good food in case you wouldn't hear much from us. Just subscribe our newsletter in case you wanna get notified when we post something new. 

Why Chascona Overlanding?

The word Chascona derives from Chilean Spanish and describes a lady with messy, tousled hair. Anna-Maria is carrying this nickname for a decade now and earned it honestly during our first trips to Chile. 

Chilean poet Pablo Neruda shaped this term in connection with his third wife Matilde Urrutia, after whom he also named his house in Bellavista, Santiago de Chile (worth a visit!). 

If you find yourself here ...

We usually ask people before posting pictures with or information about them on our blog. Anyway, we might forget. In case you find a picture or info of yourself here and don't want it to be, just let us know and we'll remove it immediately. 

Recommendations, no travel plan!

We do not claim that our recommendations give a complete overview for other travellers, there's definitely more to explore. We just wanna show some places we visited or things we have done, that we think are worth to mention here. 

Calm down and read on!

Dear all, 

feel all invited to give us your feedback and suggestions to make this blog better, but please don't be too hard on us. 

This is our first blog we ever made. It will change, develop and grow. It is not meant to be perfect nor attract a high number of clicks or visitors. This is our way of sharing our experiences and memories. 

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